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KW Institute for Contemporary Art with SKAGEN

    The weather in Berlin over the weekend wasn’t the best, sure the sun was shining but the temperatures were several degrees below zero, and that’s why we decided to find a creative hideout. The KW Institute for Contemporary Art presents the first survey on the work of Trix & Robert Haussmann in Germany, which showcases an array of…

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Neni Podcast

Neni Podcast is a showcase of conversations curated by Neni Studio. It’s a series of interviews about relevant topics in and around the creative industry and the state of the arts. With honesty and in simple words, we aim to stimulate the thought and discussion process around creative careers. Whether we talk about design, interiors, products or what’s new in…

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Palace Restaurant Helsinki

When this morning I went through my inbox and found this beauty it made me stop for a second. Here at Neni, we do have a thing for Note design studio, their ability to use all these pastel colors and integrate them in interiors is quite something. The spearhead of Finnish gastronomy, restaurant Palace was first opened in 1952 in tandem…

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Apparatus Studio Milan

APPARATUS definitely made a name for themselves when it comes to lighting design. Their color palette, use of leather, porcelain and marble in relationship to light is nothing short but distinctive. If you didn’t know their name, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen their work all over Pinterest for sure. “THE STUDIO’S LANGUAGE IS ROOTED IN GEOMETRY AND CONTRAST, FUSING SCULPTURAL FORM…

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Creative collaboration with SKAGEN

As I wrap up my collaboration with SKAGEN, I wanted to share some of my thoughts behind the campaign I was so happy to be part of. I always feel extremely grateful whenever I get the chance of teaming up with a brand whose products I already love, it feels like it’s just meant to be. This time around it…

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Nilufar Depot

Hi there, Ilenia here. Let me get right to the point. Whenever I’m in Milan and I share pictures of the Nilufar Depot on my instagram the DMs go crazy. That’s why, we’ve finally decided to write about it here on the Neni Atelier. “The Gallery knew how to cut out its own space and become the reference point to…

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