Nilufar Depot

Hi there, Ilenia here. Let me get right to the point. Whenever I’m in Milan and I share pictures of the Nilufar Depot on my instagram the DMs go crazy. That’s why, we’ve finally decided to write about it here on the Neni Atelier.
“The Gallery knew how to cut out its own space and become the reference point to lovers of historical design as well as to people following the evolution of contemporary design, above all within that more learned, poetic and visionary area shifting between production and contemporary art.”

Hidden away in the up and coming Isola neighborhood in Milan, Nilufar Depot is quite literally a hidden treasure. If you are into design, interiors and art I would highly recommend for you to save an hour from your busy schedules and head over to experience this incredible space. As you’ll approach the entrance you won’t realize how majestic it actually is. The moment you’ll step in, it will hit you. It’s amazing. As you’ll walk around, section by section, floor by floor, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of extraordinary objects.

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