Palace Restaurant Helsinki

When this morning I went through my inbox and found this beauty it made me stop for a second. Here at Neni, we do have a thing for Note design studio, their ability to use all these pastel colors and integrate them in interiors is quite something. The spearhead of Finnish gastronomy, restaurant Palace was first opened in 1952 in tandem with Hotel Palace, right in time to welcome the guests arriving to spectate the Helsinki Summer Olympics.



The modernist building has undergone a total renovation, including a remodeling of restaurant Palace’s interiors. The restaurant with its impressive festive spaces on the building’s 10th floor has been gifted a new identity built to honor the restaurant’s roots. The project received approval from the Helsinki City Museum and the restaurant’s pure 1950s modernism has been updated to a 2020s Finland.

When restaurant Palace approached us, they didn’t ask for a modern and trendy interior. On the contrary, they asked for something that will withstand time and honor the history and tradition of Palace.


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