Digital and social media strategies : Everlane does Snapchat

There’s a very clear difference between the brands who are investing on digital strategies and social media vs the ones who are just on them, and that gap becomes wider and more distinct as days go by; so here I am back again on this topic – read my first post about Instagram here.

Professionally I am constantly confronted with a lot of talented interior design brands and, with the risk of repeating myself, only the 10% have understood the power and importance of social media marketing strategies and that’s what I think sets them apart. With the rise of influencer marketing agencies, my best bet is that the brands who want to get involved on social medias, whose pr departments also run their social accounts, get a bunch of influencer campaigns set up via agency. Then comes the excitement and the followers growth, and everybody is happy for a couple of days. But what comes next? A slow decline. Why? Because clearly there is no strategy behind it, let alone bespoke content. Big mistake, followed by the second biggest, assuming there’s nothing much behind posting on Instagram, or Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter for what matters other than selecting pretty pictures. Wrong, wrong and, have I said – wrong?


A brand whose digital strategy is strong AND perfectly branded is Everlane, their starting point was fashion but “it was fierce social media know-how and well-executed digital strategy that have quickly brought it to the forefront.” Preysman, Everlane’s CEO says that “the problem with a large company is that the CEO doesn’t get social so he’s constantly looking for justification from the team on why they’re spending dollars and time there. We don’t try to quantify these things, the only metrics we look at is engagement.” I believe that’s not a problem confined to big companies but for all companies alike. Justifying budget on social media and digital strategies doesn’t seem as easy as traditional marketing.


It’s clear enough they are doing something right with their Instagram, but have you checked their Snapchat game? Well, they’re killing it. I believe they have been one of the first brands, if not the first, to fully embrace the medium and make the best out of it. Their social teams are sharing previews of upcoming collections, newsletter process, bits and pieces of days at the office as well as recurring programmed content. Sure, this fits very well their transparency policy (have you seen how cute the ‘Transparency Tuesday’ snaps are?), but not all brands need to have the same strategy – although they should have a strategy.

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